BACRS reduces credit risk in any credit portfolio and protects Tier 1 capital.

is Borrowers’ Advanced Collateral & Recovery Solutions. 

BACRS allows senior leaders and boards of banks, credit unions, and other loan originators to reduce real credit risk.  BACRS provides credit support to almost any loan, lease, or credit portfolio. 

Should you need reduction in specific loan exposures, your BACRS participation may be converted to repayment or recovery of the principal portion of any qualifying and pre-selected loan.

Loan originators using BACRS will immediately reduce or eliminate their need for net charge-offs and provisions for loan losses.

With more earnings and equity, BACRS gives you more options to improve credit quality, grow portfolios, issue dividends, or simply increase your Tier 1 capital.

Yesterday, the only alternative to BACRS was to absorb net charge-offs and ALLL provisions on your income statement.

Let’s say, for example, you are an excellent lender, and your expected provision this period is only ten basis points.

That’s $500,000 for a $500 million lender.

Does the fact that they are only ten basis points mean you must or should reduce your earnings by $500,000?

Allowing 100% or more of your expected credit losses to drive your planned provisioning and reduce your earnings and Tier 1 capital is no longer your only choice.

With BACRS available today to nearly every lender, there is no reason to expose any institution to the pain of lost earnings and diminished enterprise value due to credit loss.

In today’s regulatory environment, BACRS is the best solution for loan originators to protect and grow their earnings and Tier 1 equity capital.

BACRS is the FIRST to offer this service.

BACRS has NO competitor.

Loan originators may participate in BACRS for FREE.

Find out more about BACRS approach to credit risk.  You will unleash your own creative growth and risk management strategies, experience competitive advantages, and benefit from more flexible and sustainable choices to grow and protect your capital.

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I’m Edward Perkins, the Founder & Principal of JM Arysson, Ltd. and BACRS.

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